Granting Advanced Therapies to Patients

Automated Autologous Cell Manufacturing Platform

ADVA Biotechnology introduces the ADVA platform, a fully controlled, flexible, and automated cell processing platform. The system provides a solution to autologous cell therapy manufacturing processes using the unique CAMP (Continues Adaptive Multi-Parameter) technology.

The ADVA platform developed and optimized for automated CAR-T, TILs, TCR, and NK cell manufacturing process in the single-use disposable kit. The process in the kit includes activation, transduction, expansion, and harvest of the drug substance in a closed system. The flexibility of the system enables various new applications such as exosomes and viruses manufacturing.


System Features

pH and Oxygen Optical Sensors

Remote Access

14 Controlled Parameters

About Us

Adva Biotechnology is an Israel based private company developing and selling revolutionary cell therapy manufacturing platform. The company's vision is “valuing life, granting advance therapies to patients” by providing decentralized, automated and efficient manufacturing platform for advanced cell therapy in hospitals or companies.