Valuing life, granting advance therapies to patients.

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3 Hadolev Ave. Bar-Lev High-Tech Park, Israel, 2015600
+972 77-880-4900

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We are Adva Biotechnology

Valuing life, Granting advanced therapies to patients

Developing and bringing to market enabling technologies, that can ensure the availability and quality of life-saving advanced therapies

Adva biotechnology
Adva biotechnology

The Adva Biotechnology Story

Adva Biotechnology is an Israel-based private company located in Bar-Lev High-Tech Park, in northern Israel. Adva Biotechnology was established in 2016 with the vision of "Valuing life by granting advanced therapies to patients".

Knowing the need for smart and adaptive automation, and understanding that processes change and varies, the Adva Biotechnology team developed a simple, smart, easy to use, automated, sensors-based, flexible platform.  enables full manufacturing process of different applications, such as CAR-T, TCR, TILs, NK, Exosomes, viruses, and more. By that, the  brings different therapies to the bedside.

The Adva Biotechnology unique team is composed of biologists, biotechnologists, engineers that bring their expertise to create novel and innovative technologies for advanced cell therapies.


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