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CAMP® Enabled Technology

Continuous Adaptive Multi-Parameter

One of the main challenges in autologous cell therapies manufacture is maintaining high cell quality. The manual cell manufacturing process is labor-intensive and oblivious to occur within the cell culture. This is due to recurrently measuring limited parameters and culturing the cells in the incubator with minimal in-process controls, resulting in an invariable process. Furthermore, donor-to-donor variation highly affects cells performance.

system brings your process to the highest potential quality by enabling Continuous Adaptive Multiparameter (CAMP®) Technology.

 platform facilitates automated, efficient, and fully controlled end-to-end cell growth process in one chamber. Unique cell culturing chamber enables continuous processes from cell activation and transduction to high cell number expansion process within the same chamber.

The system learns the cell′s metabolic behavior, adapts, and optimizes the conditions to reach maximal potential from each donor based on preset parameters. Advanced optical and biological sensors enable continuous real-time assessment of 14 fully controlled parameters, and advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (once applicable) enable automated processes with minimal operator involvement resulting in maintaining the preset parameters throughout the process.


Batch Mode

The “Cone” cell culturing chamber enables optimal conditions and full control at the initial process steps of cells seeding, recovery, activation, and transduction. The optical sensors are embedded at the level of the cell, enabling it to accurately sense and measure what happens within the chamber. During the batch mode the pH, dissolved-oxygen and temperature are continuously monitored and controlled. The “Cone” is designed to allow fully programmable automated cell wash and media volume control at various steps based on your process. The “Cone” is equipped with sterile easy connectors to enable easy addition of supplements, activation, sampling of media, metabolites, and cells during the process.

Cell Expansion

The single-use kit contains Media Conditioning Camber, which is fully monitoring, controlling, and constantly optimizes pH, dissolved-oxygen, glucose, lactate, glutamine, glutamate, and temperature. During the expansion process conditioned media perfused to the “Cone” based on cells consumption rate.  Cells expansion is controlling the perfusion rate, enabling adaptive, and preset optimized conditions to reach maximal potential cell growth from each donor. Continuous media circulation between the “Cone” and Conditioning chamber enables exposure of the cells to conditioned media and full utilization of the growth media for cost-effective process.

Media Change

At the exponential cell growth, once the nutrient levels are out of optimal range (such as low glucose and glutamine levels, or high lactate levels), the system switches to Media-Change Mode. The consumed media from the “Cone” will be eliminated to the waste bag, and fresh media from the cooler will be added to the Media Conditioning Chamber.  The cells in the “Cone” are continuously exposed to fully optimized media during the Media-Change Mode without stopping the perfusion. The Media-Change Mode is fully programmable and adjusted based on the user needs.

Cell Wash and Harvest

At the end of the process, the cells are washed to remove the culturing media. The “Cone” is designed to perform the cell wash without the need to centrifuge the cells. The desired washing solution can be utilized for the process. The Cell Wash process is fully programmable and variable based on the cell type.

Cell formulation and harvest volume are controlled and can be adjusted to your needs. Cell harvest is fully automated, easy, and takes only a few minutes in order to maintain high cell viability.



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