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CX900s Single Use Kit

CX900s Single Use Kit

The CX900s Single Use kit is a flexible, user-friendly, compact, automated, and closed disposable kit. Optimized for the production and downstream of CAR-T, TCR, TIL’s, NK cells, exosomes, and viruses. The disposable kit contains two main compartments: the conditioning chamber and the proprietary Cone growth chamber which are both controlled and synchronized, resulting in a continuous process manufacturing including all necessary steps from seed to final formulation. The chambers are interconnected with tubes and sensors allowing a closed and controlled process handling. 

The Conditioning Chamber - contains the fresh medium used by the cells for growth. In this chamber, all controlled parameters such as the pH, oxygen and glucose levels are monitored and controlled by external gas control, or the addition of fresh media to enable the cell′;s optimal growth conditions.

The Cone – The Growth chamber. A proprietary chamber that supports the continuously growing of cells from 20 million to 20 billion including activation, transduction, washing, and formulation. The chamber operates in 4 different modes. The first mode of action is a controlled static culture chamber similar to a T-flask for low cell numbers. The second mode is a fed-batch mode as the cells start to expand. Once the chamber is full, it will switch to recirculation of the media between the growth chamber and the  conditioning chamber, in which the media become refresh. At high consumption rates when the cells are at very high density and nutrients such as glucose or lactate hit their limits the system will switch to full perfusion mode. Once the reaction reaches its end, the system can perfuse wash buffer, wash the cells, reduce the volume and harvest the final drug substance ready for final formulation eliminating the need for downstream processing.


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